• Unfortunately, Excel happily adds apples & oranges...leading to many types of common error
  • By identifying Types in your formulas you can make more reliable spreadsheets
  • Using Types programmers create robust applications...
    Now so can Excel
  • With Strong Typing Types can be used in Excel to help create more robust reports
  • Strong Typing is based on patent pending concepts
  • Our next webinar will be on Thursday at:
    4PM BST
    11AM EDT
    8AM PDT

Strong Typing

Strong Typing is an add-in for Excel that allows formulas to be augmented with type meta data to help ensure formulas work as intended or to highlight logical issues with formulas in a spreadsheet.

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Try Strong Typing for 10 days to see how it can help you create more robust spreadsheet models.

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Getting Started video

Watch our videos to understand why it's so easy to create errors in Excel formulas and why you need Strong Typing to create reliable spreadsheets.

The videos also show how you are able to get started quickly using Strong Typing.

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